SOAR: Social and Emotional Learning

Ms. Keator
Session 2: Google Meet (location map)
Tuesday, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
03/16/21 - 04/20/21 (6 weeks)

Learn skills that help you succeed in school and become a positive, healthy contributor to society. Each week, focus on a different component of being your best self: learn social and self awareness, relationship skills, self-management and responsible decision-making, all while having fun. Role-play, create art projects, talk with friends and play together as you learn skills for a lifetime!  individual strengths, aptitudes, and creativity. We build students’ confidence and support the creativity of teachers. We seek to be the central sphere of influence in education.

Upcoming Meetings
04/20/21    4:00 PM Tuesday 04/20/21 4:00 PM